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Servant Team

Servant Team


If you are applying to be a leader for the first time, please go here.

If you are a current leader and are interested in returning to AACM leadership, please go here.

In addition to the leadership team, we’re creating a servant team next year! Many students are already serving in servant teams roles, but we sensed the need to make the team official in order to 1) call for a greater sense of commitment, 2) clarify expectations and 3) provide clearer opportunities for students to serve in AACM.

Vision: What is the servant team and what do they do?

  • They serve through different skills and passions to develop the spaces we have in AACM. Through worship, welcome, prayer, and more, the servant team influences the larger spaces that AACM gathers in order to grow in worship of God, community with each other, and mission on campus.
  • The servant team is a “middle tier” between an attending AACM member and the leadership team. Compared to an attending AACM member, the servant team is committed to being present and serving through their skills and passions. Compared to the leadership team, the servant team have less commitments (i.e. meetings) and do not have direct leadership over a group of people.


  • Worship Team: Serves AACM by leading through musical worship and setting up and tearing down for large group. They work with the worship leader. (Meetings include: Worship Small Group, Two worship practices every other week)
  • Hospitality Team: Serves AACM by creating a hospitable and welcoming atmosphere for new and current AACM students throughout large group. They work with the hospitality leader. (Meetings include: Hospitality Team Small Group, Preparation before LG)
  • Prayer Team: Serves AACM by facilitating and leading weekly prayer meetings. They work with the prayer coordinator. (Meetings include: Prayer Team, leading during prayer meeting)
  • Creative Team: Serves AACM by using arts and media (photography, video editing, social media, etc.) to communicate and display the Gospel. Depending on the make-up of this team, they will work with one of the large group coordinators on a regular or seasonal basis. (Meetings TBD)

As you prayerfully consider and apply for servant team next year, please take these steps:

  1. Applications are provided through our Leadership Info Sessions. If you did not receive one yet, please email Joseph at for a copy. Email Subject Line: “Servant Team.”
  2. Please read and affirm (click me!) InterVarsity’s Purpose and Doctrinal Statement. If you have any questions, please ask!
  3. Please read and affirm (click me!) the InterVarsity at UT Austin Covenant of Partnership. If you have any questions, please ask!
  4. Prayerfully fill out an application, and email it back to with the document renamed as: FullName_NL. Applications are due on Sunday, March 25th at 11:59 pm. Please be on time so that our leadership selection team has time to prep.
  5. You will need a reference (click me!) from your current small group leader or coordinator. Please send them the link early, and not after you submit your application!
  6. Discernment Conversations will be in late April or early May! So be on the lookout for information about that to come.