1. What about GiGs (Groups Investigating God)? Why aren’t GiG leaders on the leadership/servant team?

GiGs are super important! These are spaces where the Gospel is most relationally shared and students potentially say yes to following Jesus. We recognize that we haven’t given enough support for GiGs as we’ve needed to, but we’ll be more intentional about GiG leader care next year. 

GiG leaders aren’t on the leadership/servant team because anyone can be a GiG leader. If you’re an attending AACM member or the AACM president, we want you to be able to lead a GiG. We don’t restrict anyone on the leadership/servant team to lead a GiG, and we want to empower AACM members to lead one as well. 

2. I’m not sure if I can make Recweek. How important is it for me to attend?

In general, Recweek is important for anyone on the servant team and leadership team. If you haven’t gone to Recweek, it is a time for us to dream and pray for the following school year, grow in community, and receive training. 

If you have a serious conflict (i.e. mission trip, summer school, or an internship start date), please do your best to work around it in order to come to Recweek. Please mention your conflict (or potential conflict) on your leadership application as well. 

Core Team – Recweek is pretty much mandatory for those who want to serve on core team. A lot of vision is developed and planning for next year occurs during Recweek. 

3. Why are leaders having corporate Sunday gatherings?

All small group leaders to meet together on Sunday for corporate vision, training and care. The first half of the meeting will be for any corporate vision and plans, and the second half of the meeting will be for you to meet in your SGLL for community and care.

If you’re considering small group leading, then you’re doing so knowing that we’re having Sunday meetings and committing to attending. In debrief with small group leadership, we saw that the meeting together is valuable, and we will continue to work making our meeting spaces as helpful as we can.

There will be a internal and external leaders gathering on Sundays as well for corporate vision, training and care as well.

4. What is happening with Gathering Ministry?

The vision for last year gathering ministry was to create spaces for people to gather and meet with Jesus. After that role expanded beyond large group, the gathering team was overwhelmed and its focus was unclear.

We still believe that the vision for our ministry is to create spaces for people to gather and meet with Jesus. We believe that Large Group, Connect, and Cross Org Events are some of the places that God is inviting us to invest majority of our time in for upcoming year. The team can be flexible with whatever they feel God is calling them to, according to their gifts and passions.

5. Why create internal and external leadership roles?

We want to provide roles that are dedicated to shaping both the internal and external aspects of our ministry, with one position on CT for each.

6. What about the servant teams and gathering leaders?

The leaders of worship, hospitality, and creative have been reshaped into Internal and External Leaders. These roles are more fluid because we want them to decide together how to best use their gifts and passions to develop the ministry.

Servant teams will no longer be in their own small groups - however the internal and external teams will ask for volunteers, similar to how we asked for IM Sports Captains or Welcome Team a few years ago.

7. What is a Missional Identity and why does everyone on leadership need a MI?

It is a commitment to love a people group, place, or organization on campus. Practically, this means pursuing friendships with one or two non-Christians with ultimately hopes of inviting them to Jesus. For example, the Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) is a missional identity we’ve had in the past. You care and are intentional about your relationships with your MI.

We’re continuing with missional identity, but we’re changing it so every leader has one, not just small group leaders.  We actually want every student to have a vision for reaching the campus through an MI. If you’re a leader, then that means you’re committing to serve people in your sphere of influence. We don’t want to compartmentalize MI to only small group leaders.

What missional identity means:

  • An invitation to see the campus like God does

  • Praying for and growing friendships with other who aren’t Christians

  • Committing to people

  • Taking a risk and going where the Holy Spirit leads you

What missional identity doesn’t mean:

  • Holding an outreach event once a semester

  • Focusing only on sharing the Gospel

Throughout the leadership selection process, we will help you to consider what a missional identity looks like in your life.

8. Missional identities sound good, but what about worship and community?

Great question. A missional identity does not mean we are only about mission. We have a missional identity because we generally lacked a missional outlet. 

We hope that small groups are a place where you meet with God and with each other through Scripture, prayer, accountability, and fun! Small groups have always been about worship and community, but we also want to give others who don’t know Jesus the opportunity to experience that as well.

9. I want to be a leader, but I don’t have a missional identity. Where do I start?

Begin by praying. Ask God, “Where on campus are you wanting to send me? What people group, organization, or place do you want to go to? How do you want to transform me as I love people on campus?”

Next, consider your current spheres of influence: your major, your classes, organizations you’re a part of, and where you currently live. Also consider if there’s a sphere of influence you want to be involved in next year: a organization you want to join, a dorm you’re moving into, or a people group you want to befriend. 

Out of your current or future spheres of influence, what is God saying? What’s most exciting to you? What seems to be stretching? Who does your heart break and ache for? Ask God for clarity and direction! He may be calling you to something risky, but consider what his invitation is for you. 

Need some ideas? There’s a list of Asian American organizations. Look it over and pray over them! https://liberalarts.utexas.edu/asianstudies/undergraduate/student-orgs.php

Ideally, you’ll come into your interview with some ideas of your missional identity, but you don’t have to know for certain then. However, if you’re accepted to be a leader, having a missional identity prior to the Fall semester would be helpful.

More FAQ’s to come!

Have a question? Email Joseph: joseph.kwan@intervarsity.org and we’ll get back to you!