Leadership FAQ

1. I’m not sure if I can make Recweek. How important is it for me to attend?

In general, Recweek is important for anyone on leadership team. If you haven’t gone to Recweek, it is a time for us to dream and pray for the following school year, grow in community, and receive training. 

If you have a serious conflict (i.e. mission trip, summer school, or an internship start date), please do your best to work around it in order to come to Recweek. Please mention your conflict (or potential conflict) on your leadership application as well. 

Core Team – Recweek is pretty much mandatory for those who want to serve on core team. A lot of vision is developed and planning for next year occurs during Recweek. 

2. Why are we meeting on Sunday for a leadership gatherings?

Each part of our leadership team will meet together on Sunday. The first half of the gathering will be us hearing and responding from God, and the second half of the gathering will be for you to meeting with your coordinator to plan, prepare, or get coaching on your area of ministry.

3. I want to be a leader, but I don’t have a corner of campus (people or place) that you want to love and share the good news with? Where do I start?

Begin by praying. Ask God, “Where on campus are you wanting to send me? What people group, organization, or place do you want to go to? How do you want to transform me as I love people on campus?”

Next, consider your current spheres of influence: your major, your classes, organizations you’re a part of, and where you currently live. Also consider if there’s a sphere of influence you want to be involved in next year: a organization you want to join, a dorm you’re moving into, or a people group you want to befriend. 

Out of your current or future spheres of influence, what is God saying? What’s most exciting to you? What seems to be stretching? Who does your heart break and ache for? Ask God for clarity and direction! He may be calling you to something risky, but consider what his invitation is for you. 

Need some ideas? There’s a list of Asian American organizations. Look it over and pray over them! https://liberalarts.utexas.edu/asianstudies/undergraduate/student-orgs.php

As a para-church ministry, our hope is to share the good new of Jesus to students and faculty on our campus and to see the campus renewed. We understand that not everyone on campus has that vision, however we want our leaders to have that vision. If you want to lead in a christian community, consider serving and leading at your local church.

More FAQ’s to come!

Have a question? Email Joseph: joseph.kwan@intervarsity.org and we’ll get back to you!