Counseling and Spiritual Formation Resources

Kathy Khang writes I don't know about you, but I grew up being taught directly and indirectly that suffering was part of life and dealing with suffering meant swallowing it -- sometimes ignoring it whole. Tracey Gee in More Than Serving Tea writes: In the Asian worldview, suffering is simply an assumed part of the way the world is. Sickness, disease and famine are accepted as natural part of life. In contrast, the American worldview sees suffering as an abnormal state.

As an Asian American Christian community: emotional, mental, and spiritual health aren’t things we normally talk about. We might experience fear and shame around getting help. However, I believe that God can bring transformation in the midst of us journeying with a trained professional to see holistic healing in our lives.

We wanted to provide you a list of counselors and spiritual formation directors that are located in Austin. I (Joseph) have waited too long to post this list and I apologize for that. I am/have been through counseling myself and I see the value of journeying with someone to ask the questions needed to get unstuck and to get healing.

Austin Asian American Counselors

Sam Lee (LPC) (C) -

Melody Li (LMFT) (C) -

Shina Lee (LCSW) (C) -

Noel Cho (LPC, LMFT) (C) -

Doan Phan (LCSW) -

tiffany Dang (LPC) (C) -

Han Ren (LSSP) -

(C) - Christians, may not be Christian counselors but are Christians.

Other Austin Counselor

UT Counseling and Mental Health Center

Colors of Austin Counseling -

Mosaic Church Counseling (C) -

Austin Stone Counseling (C) -

Center for Relational Care (C) -

Hyde park baptist church counseling (C) -

The Timothy Center (c) -

(C) - Christians, may not be Christian counselors but are Christians.

Spiritual Formation Directors

A spiritual director is a person who has been called by God and trained to serve as a companion to another person on his or her spiritual journey. Spiritual direction is more about asking the questions than about giving the answers. A spiritual director helps us listen and respond to the action of the Holy Spirit in our lives. He or she also assists us by fostering our relationships with God and with our fellow human beings, enabling these relationships to deepen and grow.

St. Theresa -