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Why should I go to Fall Retreat?

Joseph Kwan

And just like that, it’s that time of the year again. Mid-semester has officially crept up on us. Starbucks is tantalizing our cravings with those pumpkin spiced lattes and Frappuccinos. Most of us have probably thought about redirecting our steps when walking to class in order to step on what only looked like a crunchy leaf (disappointment). We’ve been putting off getting our flu-shots for quite some time now, and for the twentieth time, we’re looking at our calendars wondering why Thanksgiving insists on being an entire month from now…

Exams! Homework! Deadlines?! Stress. Responsibilities. Organizations. Friends! Family. It’s all piling up and the struggle bus is working overtime , which is why you should get off at the next stop and…go to AACM’s annual Fall Retreat! Just imagine: unplugging from everything and finding rest; Fall Retreat is meant to help you do just that.

Whether you’re still exploring who God is, have known Him for a while, or even feel lost or distant from Him, know that God is ready to meet you wherever you are. He wants to lift those burdens off of your shoulders and relieve you of whatever it is keeping you from fully pressing into Him. Take comfort in knowing that true peace of mind and a quiet heart are two very attainable things when we trust in Him! With a peaceful mind comes a more receptive heart to what God is inviting you to. And the best part? You will be exploring what that looks like alongside your AACM family. So,

To my fellow extroverts: Friends! Fun! Fellowship! Finally, a weekend to not only dress up in your best Halloween get-up and go absolutely ham on the dance floor, but also to grow deeper in your relationships with one another and with God. This is your weekend to: Connect with others in new, more profound ways. Have conversations about what you’re learning through His teaching. Encourage one another as you talk out subsequent steps to take in your walks with Christ. Start praying bigger prayers together, asking God to do more in our ministry. Fall Retreat is a way for you to live life and seek God together.

And to my adored introverts: It exists: Actual time for you to breathe, relax, and reflect. Surrounded by the beautiful hill country, you’ll be able to indulge in some much needed alone-time. Now, close your eyes for just a second. Hopefully, this allowed your imagination to give you a glimpse of just how sweet a hiatus from all of life’s chaos truly is. You’ll have opportunities to reflect on how God has been present and moving in this past week…month…year. This is your weekend to: experience greater intimacy with God and allow Him to fill you up. To spend some time in solitude. To ask God to reveal things to you about your own heart that you never knew before. To absorb. To recharge.

For me, Fall Retreat is where I find myself on my knees again, asking God to redirect my wandering mind and heart toward Him. It’s where I learn more about what AACM is discussing and striving toward as a community. It’s where I am reminded that no matter how lost I feel in the midst of this life, God’s hold on me is and always will be steadfast. With that, I encourage everyone to consider giving themselves a well-deserved break to dive into scripture and soak in all that He is revealing to us as a community. If you’re on the fence, I encourage you to take a chance and say “yes”. Fall Retreat is awaiting you, to curb your hunger to know more about our God, the Bible, who Jesus is, community, and faith.

-Caroline Yeh

So if you are on the fence, I would invite you to consider to join us. It will be worth it.