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Why I Care About NSO (& Why You Should, Too)!

Joseph Kwan

During 2013 Fall NSO (New Student Outreach), I showed up to Game Night early to help “set up”. Within a half hour, the room was flooded with new faces and tall people towering over me. You think the freshmen and transfers were the only ones intimidated by the tsunami of Asians? Try seeing it from my (short) point of view. Game Night my freshman year was about a third of the size and not nearly so loud. During that one chaotic week of NSO though, we hit a record of making over 400 hundred contacts! Out of my small group of ten girls, I met 6 of them from playing a game of taboo. By the end of this school year, our Chapter grew to 40 Small Groups and 287 members!

This is not simply the fruits from our NSO efforts though. This is God answering our prayers and moving powerfully across campus and within our ministry. His children are learning what it means to be a light in this world, and we as a family have learned to step into our roles as sons and daughters of Christ. Can you imagine what craziness would happen if we unite and move in full-force?


This year we want to make 600 contacts during those 5 days of NSO! (We made 94 contacts just from summer orientation!) A huge number is cool and all, but we want to help each and every single one of those 600 students get connected to AACM and ultimately, to Jesus.

Have you seen one of the awkward kids that seemed completely lost in a crowd of people? Maybe you’ve been one of them. (I was one ><). You can guide someone into the arms of Jesus by simply being their friend! This does not mean our chapter will grow by 600 people, but we’re praying that at least ONE of each of your newbies (aka 120 newbiews) will join our family and commit their lives to Christ. If you think hard enough, SOMEONE helped connect you to Christ. Maybe your parents forced you to go to church since you were popped out, maybe a friend invited you to camp, or maybe you stumbled upon a small group or community of PEOPLE, God used SOMEONE. We want to invite you to be that SOMEONE to someone else!


  • Through NSO initiatives, meet and care for 5 newbies (OR MORE). Simply love on them and get to know them.
  • Commit to: Freshman 15 Feast (Wed.), P Terry’s (Fri.), and one other event (see form).
  • Don’t have any idea what you’re doing??? No worries! Sunday August 24th is our (mandatory) training sesh to make sure you are in the loop and have all the details!

It has always been my dream to make a significant impact in the world. I strongly believe that God wants that for us too, and he’s literally beckoning us to help him turn this world upside down. Can you imagine a world where everyone genuinely loves and serves each other? A world where thousands upon thousands worship and praise God in one united voice? It’s happening! Slowly but surely, God is taking back his kingdom. He wants you to be part of this movement! Will you say yes? Fight for Five!

If you haven’t signed up yet! DOOOOO IT!!! Fill out this form! We can’t make you commit, but if you had fun at NSO last year, it’ll be a blast this year! A lot of your friends have committed to FFF already so join the event . If you’re confused, look here for more details or Contact me, or ask around if you have any questions! God is going to do great things at UT this year. I can feel it :]

Hangloose \mn/

Lisa Zhang and Core Team

P.S. Don’t have time? It’s the first week of school! And let’s be real, many people don’t even bother showing up for their 8ams. If you believe that EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW GOD, then do something to make it happen! If this is something you want to do, you will find a way.

P.P.S. Not a small group leader? Just because you do not have a formal leadership position does not mean you are not an important part of this family. We are all called to go out and make disciples. We, includes you!