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From Anonymous: Why AACM Leadership?

Joseph Kwan

Hello Everybody!

My name is ______________, and I am currently a small group leader here at AACM. I decided to write this post because I want to encourage you all to seriously consider applying for leadership for the upcoming year. I believe that God wants to do BIG things through our lives for His name and glory. I understand that you may have a lot of legitimate concerns about leading (don’t know how, not “mature” in your faith enough, not enough time, etc.), but I want to point out a few things to encourage you:

God does not call us to be perfect.

A common misconception about leadership is that you have to have everything together in order to serve.  But the truth is God calls each of us to serve Him, no matter where we are in our walk. Remember when Jesus called his disciples? Jesus called Simon and Andrew as they were “casting a net into the lake” (Mark 1:16). He called Levi to follow Him while Levi was still “sitting at the tax collector’s booth” (Mark 2:14). These men were not perfect. In fact, according to the standards and culture of that time, society considered these men ordinary – and in the case of Levi, an outcast and sinner!

Like Simon, Andrew, and Levi, we are broken people. Apart from the saving love of Christ, we are considered to be sinners. As you’ve been redeemed by the Gospel, I believe the Lord is calling you to take a step of faith to follow Him by serving. As you continue to seek Him in servant leadership, He will be faithful to renew your heart and mind to become more like the image of Christ. I have personally witnessed this in my own life, and I hope this encourages you to experience the power of God’s saving grace in new ways.

 Obedience > Knowledge

We all have heard of the Great Commission in Matthew 28. I want to stress the importance of the words, “teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you”. Sometimes, we can get caught up in teaching knowledge. However, Jesus commands us to teach obedience! What good is knowledge if we do not even obey? If you sense God calling you into leadership, don’t let your hesitations or worries hold you back!

Examine 1 Corinthians 1:26-31, and see how the Lord chose the ordinary rather than the outstanding so that “no one may boast before Him” (v. 29). Likewise, as you lead, you will soon discover that even if you do lack knowledge, it is ultimately only in and through God that anything happens. I do not want to downplay the importance of knowledge and wisdom. We see how the Bible speaks of the significance of knowledge and wisdom (to name a few: Proverbs 15:14, Proverbs16:16, Proverbs 23:23). However, knowledge is meaningless apart from obediently following Jesus.


Lastly, I encourage you  to serve for your own joy! Matthew 13:44 says, “The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.” I’m not saying that there will be an absence of trials, disappointments, or frustrations. Anyone in leadership will tell you the opposite. However, in times of utter weakness, Christ is made strong. There is a great, inexpressible joy in finding intimacy with God, and I believe that as you seek Him and challenge your own faith through leadership, God will cultivate even greater joy in you!

There is a lot more that I wish I could say, but I’ll close with these last thoughts. There is soooo much that God desires to do in and through you, and AACM leadership is a great place to explore your calling and giftings. My hope is that each one of you prayerfully considers what it might look like to take a step of faith and obedience as we pursue His vision to see the Asian American communities at UT transformed. Let’s see what the Lord has in store for us! 

In Him,