How to make a creative DIY Homemade Gifts?

Some Unique DIY Homemade Gifts Ideas, Easy to DIY Creative Homemade Gifts

Are you worried about friends and family members' birthday or festival always make you headache to buy gifts to them? Toys? Clothes? Watches? Wallets etc.? These gifts are not creative, and they'll make less impression after your friends or families got them. I have a lot of good ideas of easy DIY homemade gifts, very interesting and very moving. So I write these creative DIY homemade gifts ideas down, for your reference.

DIY Tape Gift

It spent me a lot of time to make, while I think it’s the most moving gifts for friends.

First apart a blank tape and remove the inner core, buy a largest copy paper, cut it with the same width of core, then brush on sky blue, connect them with narrow adhesive tape, write a lot of words in your heart on the tape , just as a letter.

Then wrap them around the center of the tape. Left blank on the beginning of the paper so that you must make some turns to get the words wrote on the paper.

Finally install the tape, paint on your favorite cover, paste flowers, take the name of the tape and so on. Who received the DIY tape rolls the core of the tape and can read the whole letter little by little.

DIY Candle Gift

DIY Homemade Gifts

I have give a good friend a DIY candle as her birthday gift and she was surprised.

First, put a white candle in a mug and melt it. (I put the mug on a pot to boil. ) Then add into green pigment and intensively mix it, then take out, after solidification of the wax, carve it into four-leaf shape with a knife.

Next, melt a white candle again, before the solidification of it, put the carved four-leaf shape into the white candle, remember to add a cotton in the center. After solidification of the candle, carve it into star shape or other shapes you like.

Finally, look at the effect that a green clover wrapped in a white translucent star!

DIY Homemade Chocolate Gift

The easiest DIY homemade gifts not only for friends and families but specially for lovers.

First of all, buy a box of chocolate, put it into a pot, and then melt them.

Then put into a cute shape container and wait for solidification, or you even can add some fruits, milk, nuts and other things to make it more delicious.

Of course, If you want to give your girl friends as a gift to make a proposal, the most important thing is to put a ring inside ...... so, when she eat it, she will get a proposal ring!

I’m sincerely appreciate to your attentions to my ideas of DIY homemade gifts, and welcome you to discuss more ideas of DIY homemade gifts in the comments.


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    Awesome! Good Ideas! I got it! Thanks!

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    LOL...I have bought the materials to star make the candle! Interesting!

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    i will get your idea to make a proposal to my girl friend! Wish success!

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    Satisfying ideas, detailed and very very easy to study. Thanks!